After much studying and research of cattle breeds, we decided to raise Longhorns, and not just any Longhorns, but Butler Longhorns. We chose this line for numerous reasons; their proven genetics in improvement of horn length, as well as their affiliation with the equally colorful Butler family from League City, Texas. Visit the exceptional longhorn museum erected on their behalf. Their sound genetics and beautifully colored offspring make them exceptional for the breed. They require very little human intervention, yet they enjoy human companionship.


All calves born are weaned on Tensleon Ranch, and are halter trained by Tensel Leach herself.

Calves raised here at Tensleon are registered Butlers, with a pedigree that traces all the way back to cattle owned by

Milby Butler.


For inquiries on purchasing Butler Longhorns from Tensleon Ranch, please contact Tensel Leach 713-305-1629





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