Tensleon Ranch is nestled in  the rolling hills of the Texas Country. After living in the busy city of Houston, Leon and Tensel Leach visited the town of New Ulm, Texas and fell in love with its charm and space.  This was where they purchased land that soon became Tensleon Ranch. 

This working ranch is the home of Tensleon's beautiful line of Butler Longhorns and a producing ranch of high quality fertilized coastal hay.

Its beautiful scenic views and calming natural space made it the perfect location for the Leach's to share experiences of country life with others.


 If you and your family are looking to take a relaxing vacation to the beautiful Texas Country, then our Guest Houses at Tensleon Ranch are the perfect places for you. Our goal is to give our guests a feeling of immediate peace upon arrival.


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 1034 Hilbun Road

New Ulm, Tx 78950


Mon – Sun  7 AM - 7 PM

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